B.r.e.a.t.h.e. program

The BREATHE Program was created for everyone to address the widespread issues of bullying.  WKF has developed a simple and entertaining way to  execute our mission "to Educate and Empower students To Recognise, Respond and React to bullying incidents wherever they may occur."

The presentation is geared towards school aged children from K-6 primarily to keep them engaged with age appropriate entertaining education.  Our mascot "Buddy the Bulldog" is friendly and energetic but most of all the kids love him and can associate with him.

Our approach is to have 3 points of  contact for children, parents and educators to access us at.  First, is to give our presentation.  Second is to provide bracelets, pencils and stickers to remind them to be a "Buddy not a bully."  Third, is to have a facility where people can meet with us to discuss any issues or incidents of bullying.


B - bully

R - response

E - education

A - aimed 

T - towards

H - helping

E - everyone


OUr presentation covers:


- What is bullying?

-Why do people bully?

- Why is it bad to bully?


- What do you do when you witness bullying?

-What don't you do when you witness bullying? 

-What do you do when you are a victim of bullying?


- Who do you talk to about witnessing bullying?

-Who do you talk to if you are a victim of bullying?

-Who do you talk to if you are tired of being a bully?

Contact us if you are interested in our program for your school!!

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